A Thrilling Fishing Trip in Dubai From Cozmo Yachts

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Imagine a huge fish dangling from the end of the line. No, make that a humongous barracuda held up high by a proud fisherman to the awe of his admirers! Look up and see who it is?

No other than YOU.

The rarest and biggest fish turns you back into that same boy who caught his very first. Rekindle the magic of the memory in a majestic place- Nowhere else but in Dubai.

Experience the time of your life on a luxurious Cozmo Yachts boat! Book your 3-hour fishing tour by phone or via WhatsApp +971 52 944 0222

Luxury Fishing Boat

Fishing in Dubai is quite popular among locals and tourists with the possibility of catching tuna, snapper, and a variety of the most challenging fish species. Each modern vessel is equipped with SONAR innovation to scan the seas to your convenience.

You've got everything you need within reach with complimentary advanced fishing equipment on board. Just think of that glorious feeling and the cool breeze when one of the fishes gets caught in your fishing line! What's more, your catch will be freshly grilled and ready-to-eat in no time, courtesy of our friendly crew.

The Captain of The Ship

Your shipmaster is an experienced deep-sea fisherman who'll never run out of interesting stories to tell and fishing expertise to share. There's a lot to learn from your leader soon as your fishing tour begins from Dubai or Sharjah and your boat sails out into the open sea.

Deep sea fishing in Dubai is the perfect activity everyone will enjoy. Seasoned anglers will be delighted to show off and improve their techniques, while those who embarked on their first-time fishing journey are bound to never forget!

Hop aboard for the most memorable fishing trip surrounded by people who matter most. Call Cozmo Yachts at +971 52 944 0222.

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