Fishing in Dubai - Enjoy Fishing in the Waters of Dubai

Yacht Cruise Dubai

*Minimum 3 Hours Booking.

There is nothing quite like the experience of deep sea fishing in Dubai, and no better way to enjoy it than aboard one of our luxurious fishing boats that have everything you need to make your fishing trip truly memorable.

From the moment you start your journey from Dubai or Sharjah, you will feel the anticipation building as you sail out of the harbor into the open sea. You can't help but feel excited about the day that you have ahead of you as you feel the sun on your face and the wind creating a cool breeze as you head out into the sea.

The wide variety of fishes that can be found in the seas around Dubai means that fishing is a very popular sport both for locals and tourists. You could find yourself catching tuna, barracuda, snapper or a number of other species. Some of these fish have a reputation for being difficult to catch, but this only makes it more rewarding when they are caught. Imagining how good that fish is going to taste can really help to whet your appetite for what is ahead.

The captain of your ship will be an experienced deep-sea fisherman who will have plenty of stories to tell to keep you entertained as you make your way to your destination. As well as being thoroughly entertaining, you can also learn a lot from these stories that will help you improve your own technique.

Our packages can be enjoyed whether you are an experienced angler, or whether this is your first trip. Our complimentary equipment is top of the range, and you will receive plenty of guidance about how to use it. All of our vessels are equipped with SONAR for sensing fish, which almost guarantees that you are going to make the catch of your life on this exceptional fishing trip.

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