Kabayan rescued near Burj Al Arab by Captain Bilawal of Cozmo Yachts

Submitted by Hussain on Fri, 02/17/2017 - 00:00

Story highlights

  • Cruisers started returning to the dock observing the harsh weather
  • Severe whirlwind washed a man overboard
  • Savior captain approached the man struggling to put his boat even
  • Rescued man was to lose hope when the help arrived from Cozmo Yachts

The incident happened on Friday morning when a mid-aged Filipino national was spotted in the water by the eagle-eyed captain Bilawal of Cozmo Yachts http://cozmoyachts.com. Evaluating the trouble, the crew of luxury cruiser responded immediately to the SOS and threw lifesavers in the water and succeeded in rescuing him. The rescue efforts were also caught on camera in which man’s head and arms are barely visible, holding his boat whose sail was broken by the rough tides and was being pushed forward into the ocean further by the southern heavy tides. Following the instructions of Cozmo crew, he swam toward the boat and was brought onboard securely.

The rescued gentleman was brought back to the shore, he expressed extreme joy and thanked to the rescuing crew and said goodbye after assuring them that he was perfectly alright.