Water Sports Dubai

AED 1699
8 Guests


33FT Luxury Yacht

Fishing rods, trolling rods and baits

Inbuilt music system

8 Guests 4hrs

Water, Ice & Soft Drinks

Best Deals for Watersports in Dubai

Picture This!

The roar of an engine. The taste of salt. Foamy waves, giving you an adrenaline rush that you haven’t experienced before. Laughter and shrieks, grins and thrills. A fine spray of water as you cruise towards an adventure-filled day! A host of watersports activities and facilities to indulge in. So many ways to experience the sea! The Arabian Sea has gifted Dubai a great shoreline to entice and captivate tourists with a number of activities onshore as well as offshore. Cozmo yachts offer leisure and luxury at the next level, with an eclectic cocktail of adventure and relaxation, wet and wild!

There is something for everyone!

Dubai isn’t all about sand and sun, it is also about sea and fun. Call your friends; get your family and jump onto one of our boats and gift yourself adventurous but magical experiences. Adventurous junkies can parasail or board a banana boat. The less adventurous ones can try the donut ride or just go deep-sea fishing.

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Zoom at 80kmph through the blue waters of the Arabian Sea on a jet ski! Feel the water beneath you and enjoy the excitement! Flaunt your skiing skills and revel in the attention. All the cruises are customizable to suit your needs.

Activity Pax Rate
Yamaha VX 1100 CC 2 600AED/Hr
Yamaha VXR 1800 CC 2 800AED/Hr
Banana Ride

Touted as one of the most sought-after water sports in Dubai, this sport makes you sit on a banana-shaped boat that is connected to a motorboat and lets you splash through the sea in style! Hop on with family and friends and give yourself a ride of a lifetime.

Activity Pax Rate
Banana Ride 5 700AED/Hr
Donut Ride

These inflatable donut shaped boats are attached to a motorboat and let you experience the adventure and thrill while keeping you afloat. The speed and wildness depend on the riders and it is a favorite among people with children.

Activity Pax Rate
Donuts Ride 3 700AED/Hr

Panoramic views, gentle but cool wind and surprisingly effortless, this activity remain a hit among thrill seeker. This sport allows one or two passengers to attach themselves to a parachute, fastened to a motorboat, and cruise in the air, as the boat glides on the water. Fly like a bird and take in the beauty of this desert city from above. This adventure-filled act takes about 10mins of fly from the deep sea.

Activity Pax Rate
Parasailing Single 1 350AED/10mins
Parasailing Double 2 700AED/10mins

An exhilarating experience, flyboarding is like flying above water! Standing on a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft, the rider puts pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath, providing thrust for the rider to fly up in the air or to dive headlong through the water down. This relatively new water sport is extremely adventurous but safe. Come, fly!

Activity Pax Rate
Flyboard 3 1260AED/Hr

You Have Not Been To Dubai – If You Have Not Enjoyed Water Sports Yet

Multiply Your Pleasure of Yacht Charter With Water Sports


Cozmo Yacht offers a superb collection of water sports in Dubai for every age group. Whether you are a beginner or an expert surfer, we have something for everybody. Not only this but also we provide you with the best time and equipment to enjoy your water sport to its most. So, come and enjoy the water sports of your choice with your very close pal.


Stop missing and start enjoying water sports in Dubai!