Memorable Yacht Trip in Dubai

Private Yacht Trip Dubai

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Get aboard on a luxury yacht invite the guests you want to share your excitement with. Cruise to the sea with your friends. You would love to watch the fascinating iconic towers of Dubai from its waters. Sail around Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab and the world islands.

Decide now, your call asking your friend to take a break and join you on sightseeing cruise will not be less than a breaking news in your circle. Nothing remains more enticing for those who had experienced this spectacular, entirely different perspective of Dubai harbor.

Cozmo Yachts offers some of the most attractive packages to let you cruise to the oceans of Dubai. 

Hurry up & have your first coffee of the day on the deck of the luxury yacht and don’t forget to share your selfie please, especially when saying cheese to the breeze. Cozmo Yachts also offers transfers for private yacht trips. You may contact for a boat with transfer option or skip this if you prefer self-transfer. Cozmo Yachts regular packages for yacht charters start from 2 hours tours. However, you may have extended rentals customized to your schedule.